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Most everything here is related to Amateur radio. My favorite mode is Slow Scan TV. I have been having fun with it ever since becoming a Ham Operator. I live in North pole, Alaska. six miles away from Santa Clause house. I have started this page for SSTV, but have added other stuff to it. This is a simple page, nothing fancy. Page updates are made when I have the time for it.

The Alaska Morning Net Web site can be found here

We are needing some net controllers for the Alaska morning net. we have 2 open spots. Tuesday and Friday. Craig who does Tuesday will be gone for a while, till June. Roy who does Fridays will not be able to do the net anymore. So if your interested in being a net controller for the Alaska morning net. Please send me an email at Right now I have my backs up filling in as much as they can. but there will be days that no one will be there to do the net. I donít want to see that happen.

The Alaska Morning Net is on IRLP reflector 9109 and Echolink WL7LP-R node 9191, AllStar Nodes 29332 and 27133.
Where the Mature Amateur Folks hang out.

Have Fun

Please help out the Alaska Morning Net Network Fund with your donations. Donations help purchase used Radios, antenna's, coax, IRLP cards, URI's (for AllStar nodes) computers and such. So that we can provide wide coverage in the State

If you have any comments or suggestions. please email me at

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Keep in mind there is a 20-25 sec delay when listening.

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